Design & Build

Our project managers are professional engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in various HVAC systems and applications. Once assigned to a particular project, our team members will manage that project until its completion. Therefore, our assigned team member will be monitoring the progress of all aspects of the project which entails: 

Equipment Installation:  Our Project Estimators and Technicians work diligently together for the replacement of new and existing equipment. Their expertise allow us to prepare estimates, decipher the original blueprints, revise needed modifications to the original design, and finalize installation of heating, air conditioning, and refrigerant systems including the electrical and mechanical controls. 


Project Management

Total HVAC cost and investment evaluation

System design and application

System and equipment selection, efficiency and operating cost

Coordination with other departments

Monitoring project progress, delivery time and construction work

Appurtenance purchases, delivery and warranties

Implementing the design plan and subject the work to the inspection of the Engineering Department.

Service Department

It has and will always be a standard for our company to provide clients with the best service. Your comfort and confidence will always be our top priority.

Royal Service has a complete service and maintenance department.  We provide full maintenance contracts and service HVAC systems including energy management control systems.
The Service Department works alongside the Construction Department to ensure proper design, installation, and operation.

Our service technicians are highly skilled and safety conscious with technical acumen and experience managing high volumes of work for both commercial and residential applications.  

Contract Holder Benefits

There are several benefits of being a Maintenance Contract Holder with Royal Service. As a Contract Holder you will receive lower parts pricing, emergency service assistance, priority scheduling for service, and technical support over the phone. We also offer a full service history of all maintenances performed, which allows us to quickly diagnose and resolve any issues you may experience with your unit. Our complete service record will save you money on costs on equipment and replacement parts.

Service Request


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Royal Service is the leader in HVAC systems, setting high standards for better living.

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